04 July 2011

We have our new car!!!

Everything is working smoothly for us here "down under" because we already have our new car! Yeah!!!
Australians are soooo nice! You have to dare asking for a favour because they will work around the rules for you. In our case:
- We asked the bank for a loan before Stijn's first day of work. They should have refused it but "No worries"!
- We sealed the deal and ordered the car without any paper signed or any money deposit... We just sent a SMS... Nice!!! They admitted that it was an exception as we knew the big boss. :-)

I guess that we are lucky.

Here is our beauty !
We have chosen the Hyundai IX35 Highlander with a few options for you, future visitors, such as front and back panoramic view roofs, cup holders, comfy seats... Let's hit the road! :-)

Look at his smile!!!

Driving on the left hand side

We feel quite comfortable now after driving for 3 weeks on the left hand side. We were very focused the first week and we did a few minor mistakes such as using our left hand to activate the light indicators and activated the wipes instead. We went on the right side of the street (...on a small residential street... ouf...)

Automatic cars are easy to drive, it almost takes the fun away from "driving" but it is pretty cool when you are adapting to a new country and that everything is new.

A few tips:
1) Forget that you have a left side body... let it sleep! So don't use your left foot to change gear and don't use your left hand when you want to turn.

2) Go to the other side to step into your car... I went several times on the other seat... Without steering wheel... When I was alone!

3) Don't try to catch flies whilst trying to reach your belt to buckel up... It's on the other side as well...

4) Force yourself to look at the central mirror. It is on the other side what is quite disturbing.

5) Follow the lines on the road... It will tell you where to turn. They are very explicit. Roundabouts are very clear. I have to say that it is better marked than in Belgium.

Now you can drive!!! So come on and try it by yourself!

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  1. SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a beauty! good choice have lot's of fun with it!

  2. Gaat vlot daar. Als k me ni vergis is t ne hyundai ix 35. In Belgie wacht je al gauw een half jaar op dieje suv. n Succes, en terecht! Looks nice, have fun. Grtz

  3. hey,

    inderdaad een ix35. ondertussen al een kleine week mee gereden en nog heel content van. hopelijk kunnen we dit weekend wat ruwere wegjes gaan opzoeken.

  4. nice car ! better to have an automatic, when first driving on the left... In Ireland it was quite annoying shifting gears with your left hand ...

  5. Nice car! It’s been a year now, and how’s the car doing? Bet you’re already used to driving the car while on the left side. I can only imagine it to be weird at first, but just like everything, I guess, it just needs getting used to.

    - Junior Perrera -

  6. Wow! That was a pleasurable experience you had as new migrants in Australia, Nina. I'm glad that you liked the place. I'm pretty sure that you’ve already gotten the hang of driving on the left side. How was your car, anyway? I hope it didn't get damaged while you were still adapting to driving around your new home. :)

    Carry Bacot