11 July 2011

Another day at work

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What I thought would be another normal (as far as normal goes on the 4th week of your new job) Monday morning turned out to be become a day where some lovely local flavours kicked in. After running with a breakfast heavy stomach to the train, yes I was late due to a bad hair day, I arrived at central station and to begin the final walking stretch to work. After crossing Adelaide and Edward street and arriving on Queens street, also known as the mall, I noticed a lot of fences which formed a passage way all across to Brisbane square. Something was happening. Well actually everyday some artist or happening is taking place somewhere around town but nothing this big. With all commuters forced to walk on the narrower outskirts the mall seems a bit more crowded than usual. Arriving at the office the morning passes well.

At lunch time I hurried downstairs to make my way to the consulate a couple of blocks down the mall at Eagle street (aka the posh hip strip next to the water). It's now a bit more than one month. Time to register now we have a permanent place [See post about the house well at least 6 months]. Level 8 said the sign so I hopped in the elevator. Behind the counter is a lovely lady who greets me with a smile. I told her I was here to register Nina and myself at the consulate by which she picked up the phone. "Madam Helen there is a guy to register himself at the German consulate". I couldn't help but smile and when I overheard the lady over the phone my smile grew even bigger. "My dear I was hoping that by now you know that you are working for the Belgian consulate. Please pass me the gentlemen". With instant red cheeks she passed me the phone.

Some minutes later, after given all my detail, I'm back down at eagle street with a hungry stomach ready to search for a bite. After feasting on sushi, which is found all over town, most of the last couple of weeks I thought a change of diet would be good so I'm off to the nearest food court: Japaneze, indian, salads, thai, chinese, burgers, pizza, pasta. Basically everything you'd like. Generally these food courts aren't bad but don't expect sophisticate cuisine either. A quick bit for the business women and men with plenty of healthy options for a cheap prize. All conveniently put next each other with a central eating area. Choice of the day some noodles with some vegetables.

With my stomach full I head back to Brisbane square and I pass again the mall with the fences. This time the ground is covered with paper like a Carnival had passed. I clearly missed the spectacle the little hour I was at the consulate. Walking further I see the crowds growing bigger. We'll maybe I wasn't too late. I cross the last road onto the square to find myself between men in red shirts. No ordinary men but men which easily are twice my size. Suddenly I find myself being 'man handled' by some security guard who tells me numerous times I'm in the way. Caught of guard and a little bit stunned as a result I see numerous cameras pointed at the place I'm standing. I hurry out of the way as quickly as possible through a crowd of fans waiting for an autograph. Not knowing who are what the fuzz was about I went upstairs to the office.

Upstairs I see a colleague with the same red jerseys as the guys downstairs showing off her collection of autographs. Apparently I found myself in the middle of the celebration for The Queensland Reds. The Rugby team who won the national 2011 rugby championship last Saturday with a victory over the Crusaders.

Well congratulations Queensland Reds, glad I was a part of the celebration! Additionally last Wednesday Queensland won as well The State of Origin for the sixth consecutive time. The State of Origin is a derby between Queensland and New South Wales, which is held each year. A best of three games decides the winner.

After some hard times last January with the floods and cyclone Yasi who wrecked havoc in the north of Queensland everybody here is glad that Queensland has some positives going on as the recovery in some places is still going on.

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