27 June 2011

It's time to "Suit up!"

The first week of work is over and it turned out wonderfully. Not really knowing what to expect I crawled on Monday morning 7.20 in the car onwards to the Sandgate Train station. After being dropped off by Nina at the kiss and ride I headed towards the ticket office. We did get our Go cards (one stop shopping card for all that is public transport) already the week before but you just can't be sure enough at the first day to take the right train. Well to be honest I was nervous. Who wouldn't be on her/his first day on the job right?

After having received an up to date brochure and a saucy "No worries" I headed to Rail 1. After pressing Nina (sorry sweety I was just nervous ;-) ) in the morning fearing that I would be late it seemed that I was 25 min early. A quick look around the stations cleared that quickly up. New schedule as of the 6th oh June and on that date as well, after great success during the testing period, the introduction of the "Quite cars". No talking, no loud music or mobiles. Commuters heaven if you want to read you book in the morning and with still 8 books to go in the Wheel of Time series these Quite cars will come in handy.

35min ride time to go. So plenty of time to look around and look who is on the train with me. The majority of course are suits. Suits with either and iphone, book or newspaper. Probably in a 80-15-5 split. A lot of school girls and boy in their uniforms which make you think they come straight out of a Dead poets society like boarding school. All in all the Train isn't too packed and I can read my book on and off for the rest of the ride.

Arriving at central station all becomes a bit more hectic. Everybody wants to get out of the train, including me. All goes very orderly but some pushing here and there. Especially when everybody tries to squeeze themselves on the rolling escalators. Keep left is the moto or you might get bulldozed by a suit trying to catch his next bus or train. Coming out of the train station I follow the mass of people in the direction of CBD (City business district). Off to Brisbane square to the bank. I probably pass enough coffee places for the entire city while walking the 5 minutes to the office. With a warm rays of sunlight to guide me I walk further through Queens street passing by the early backpackers waiting for the tourist office to open up, not to forget the morning drunk at the bench next to them.

It feels like a holiday when you discover the inner city for the first time but then again I'll fully "suited up" ready for the first day. Only thing left after walking in the enormous building, which also harbours the City library, is to find the elevator and stand in line to go up to the 28th floor. With 7 people in the elevator bound for the top of the building I couldn't but wonder. Might any of them be a future colleague of boss?

More to come ;-)

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