25 August 2011

In and out the city

After 2 months the city starts to grow on me. We never considered ourselves city folk but little by little the small quirks of a lively city and its opportunities makes the city is climbing the charts. Generally Brisbane is a very clean, open and pleasant city compared to European standards. Lush green trees next to major big roads with Modern high rise skyscrapers and traffic which isn't jammed 24/7 give Brisbane an inviting feel. Like any other thriving metropolitan Brisbane wouldn't be a complete city without extravagantly clothed people or individuals with a couple of missing screws.

The best example is a guy which I baptised "the Prophet". An aged tall man who stands on a corner every morning to preach to all commuters alike his views on the Australian government. Openly sharing his advice to Julia Gillard, Australia's prime minister, seems to have it effect though. The other day I overheard a woman asking him if he didn't have a job and he kindly answered with a eastern European accent:" well I used to have a job but people tend to listen more to me when I'm shouting on the corners of Brisbane's streets". Well good on him for spreading his views.

Queen street mall is probably the busiest street in Brisbane but the wonderful thing is that every morning, when I walk to the juice bar at the top of the street,Is that there always is some surprising song coming from the speakers. I heard Air, Sigor Ros but to top it all on a clear blue Monday morning, our own Belgian pride; Admiral freebe's Einstein brain. I was nailed to the ground with my mouth ridiculously open. After my initial amazement i started to look around me with a big smile looking if somebody else recognized the song. Of course to my disappointment nobody cared. Yet later that day, to the amusement of my colleagues, i couldn't help but use the wonderful phrase "but you can't milk a cow with your hands in your pants" to get a point across. Home luckily doesn't seem to be far at times.

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