26 January 2012

Australia Day: Party time!!!

Pas le temps de traduire sinon je vais être en retard pour le BBQ!

Today it's Australia Day (see website)

It is not the discovery day by James Cook (May 1770). We celebrate today, 26/01, the biggest annual civic event of the year: the Foundation day of Australia when British arrived with proclamation of the British Sovereignty in 1788 to establish a penal colony. The settlement of Western Europeans actively started. Read the full story here.

Australians love to express their pride and patriotism during this special day.

Program of the day is a BBQ with friends who are living as well their first Australia Day!

What are Australians doing on this date?
- Following the presentation of the Australian of the year in Canberra.
- Following the speech of the Prime Minister and Governor.
- Following the announcement of honour list of the Order of Australia
- It is the day where people become citizen of Australia

What are real Australians doing?
- Going to the beach for the TONG contest: the biggest number of "Tongs" in the water. See pictures here.

- BBQ: See video about "I'm a barbie girl..." Here

- Eating Local food: The goal is to make an Aussie table with Aussie drinks.
- Festivals and fireworks
- Cockroaches race (We need to see that!)
- Beer fest
- Fun fun fun

Not everybody enjoys Australia Day

This celebration teases a sensitive topic for Aboriginals, Indigenous people because the British settlement means "Invasion day" or "Survival day" what has not been smooth on native tribes owning and managing this land for more than 40,000 years. Recently politics and communities are proactively willing to include native populations to celebrate the beautiful Australia together but for others, the wound is still bleeding and protesters are reminding the rest of the nation that their situation is still problematic and the date is Aborigines "Mourning day". 

This year our Prime minister, Julia Gillard, has been evacuated from the celebration. Read full Story. Each country has its sensitive topics...

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